Scott Fleming P.E. C.P.C.

Centennial, CO 80122

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Scott Fleming PE, CPC, is a Licensed Professional Engineer and a Certified Professional Constructor through the American Institute of Constructors.


Scott has forty years of construction and engineering design experience in the USA in Colorado, California, New Mexico, Texas; in South America; and in the Country of Mexico.


His engineering design experience includes site development engineering, erosion and sedimentation control designs and management, QA/QC oversight, site haul road and grading/drainage designs, site permitting, hydrologic stilling basins, cofferdams, waste water pumping, construction phase drainage routing, gravel processing facilities, gravity and pressure water delivery systems, private and public site development, State & Federal highway and intersection designs, mass grading designs and tradeoff study value engineering.


His construction management experience includes many of these same types of projects. His construction implementation experience includes heavy equipment mass grading, site development, and construction/development of residential, commercial, and industrial projects.